How To Increase Penis Size With The Bathmate Hydromax Pump

Many men want to increase the length of their penis size because they know that it gives women more pleasure. Those who take enhancement products or want to try them wonder about Bathmate Hydromax and the results. Let’s see what the Bathmate Pump can do for you.

What is the Normal Penis Size?

The size of the male penis will generally change with age. When men enter puberty, which is around the age of 13-18 years, the size of the penis will get bigger. The process of developing this male sex organ will usually stop at the age of 21 years.

The normal size of the adult male penis when flaccid is around 2-3 inches. Meanwhile, when erect, the size of the penis can reach about 4-6 inches. If the size of an adult male penis when erect is less than 4 inches, this condition is known as a micropenis.

To find out the exact size of the penis, you can measure it by placing a measuring tape or measuring gauge at the base of the penis to the tip of the head of the penis.

Even though the penis size is standard, many men still feel worried and think that their penis size is small. This even makes some men try various methods of penis enlargement, either by using penis enlargement products or through medical procedures.

However, it is essential to remember that non-medical methods of penis enlargement, such as using certain gels or supplements, have not yet been proven safe and effective.

The Bathmate penis pump is designed to help men achieve a longer and thicker penis. Bathmate Hydromax can permanently increase penis size up to 9 inches.

How the Bathmate Hydromax pump works

All Bathmate Hydromax pumps work to create a vacuum in your penis so it can squeeze, pump, and expand how the Bathmate pump works using water as a means to achieve the desired result.

Perform the process of regular pumping for 15 minutes to get results through a natural erection by getting blood into the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue that makes up most of the penis).

With consistent use over time, this pumping process will eventually provide permanent penis growth in both girth and length.


The whole process looks like this:

  1. You pump your penis.
  2. Your penis then gets bigger and longer.
  3. Exposition of the penis occurs, resulting in a harder and longer-lasting erection.

The constant circulation of blood continues to grow and trains the corpora cavernosa to absorb more blood, resulting in bigger and harder erections and an overall larger moist gland that continues to grow.

In some ways, it is similar to bodybuilding. The Bathmate pump can help men with erection problems because the penis can hold more blood. Pumping regularly means training the penis area to have more blood in the long term.

The real key to getting excellent penis enhancement is being consistent. It is best to use the Bathmate pump regularly.

The following are several types of Bathmate Hydromax pumps.

Hydro Series

Hydro Series 7 has three different colours clear, red, and blue.

Hydromax Series

  • Hydromax Series 3
  • Hydromax Series 5
  • Hydromax Series 7
  • Bathmate Hydro Series 7 Wide Boy
  • Hydromax Series 9

The Hydromax series has the same three colours as the Hydro Series, but there are five different sizes for you to choose from.

Hydromax Extreme Series

  • Hydromax Xtreme 3
  • Hydromax Xtreme 5
  • Hydromax Xtreme 7
  • Bathmate Hydro Xtreme 7 Wide Boy
  • Hydromax Xtreme 9
  • Hydromax Xtreme 11

The Hydromax Xtreme series only has 1 clear color, and there are six different sizes for you to choose from. It contains more complete features than the Hydro Series and Hydromax Series.

There are measuring gauges, Bathmate bags, towels, handball pumps, and other exciting features only available in the Hydromax Extreme Series.

Before buying a Bathmate pump, you should measure the size of your erect penis. When you get the right size, you can start choosing a pump that fits your penis size because a pump that is too small or too big can impact the pumping process.

User's guide to penis size when erect

  1. Under 5 inches, you should use a hydromax5 pump.
  2. For more than 5-7 inches, you should use the hydromax7, Hydromax7 Wide Boy, HydroXtreme7 pump
  3. 7-9 inches above should use a Hydromax9 or HydroXtreme9 pump
  4. For over 9 inches, you should use the HydroXtreme11 pump

Bathmate is easy to use in the shower! Just follow those simple steps:

  1. Soak in a warm shower for 5 minutes.
  2. Fill the pump with water. Press in the pressure valve. Keep a finger over the valve when filling.
  3. Place the penis in the pump. Forms a tight seal with pump and body.
  4. Pump and push the pump towards the pubic bone. Water is discharged from the valve. The pressure creates a false erection. The penis is pulled up the tube. The process should be 15 minutes, 2-3 intervals of 5 minutes each.
  5. Press the main valve to release pressure. Remove the pump safely.

All Bathmate products are safe because they have been clinically tested and registered with the FDA.

What benefits will you get after using the Bathmate Hydromax pump product?

  1. Harder erections – getting bigger is no point if you can’t stay hard.
  2. Banish Impotence – unless your Impotence is the result of a physical injury, getting and staying hard will be easier.
  3. Stronger Orgasms – a healthy penis results in more powerful and satisfying orgasms
  4. Stop Premature Ejaculation: Stamina and a reliable erection make it easier to focus and maintain control.
  5. Further Shooting – a strong penis produces stronger contractions, resulting in more impressive ejaculations.
  6. Straightening – The Bathmate Pump will help correct penile curvature or a condition known as “Peyronie’s Disease.”
  7. Increase Stamina – there’s no point getting bigger if you can’t last long enough to satisfy your partner.
  8. FDA Registration – No need to worry anymore with all Bathmate Hydropumps products because they have been registered with number 3010386378
  9. High Medical Grade – 2 years warranty. Guaranteed results or full refund. Patented technology.

Can I buy Bathmate Hydromax cheap or on sale?

If you buy from the official website, you will not only get a money back guarantee, but you will also receive shipping and confidential billing. The money-back-guarantee allows you to try the penis enlargement device and return it within six weeks if the Bathmate Hydromax pump doesn’t work.

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